Badagry Festival | 2014 Festival

2014 Festival




What an enormous honor it is for Badagry to be hosting again a festival that sensitizes people toward the continued need for preservation and conservation of their tangible and intangible cultural heritage. This year we have a very stimulating and exciting schedule including theatre, dance, commemorations and parades.
As part of our “Connecting Badagry” initiative, we will be providing opportunities for artists and local communities to benefit from an exciting program of cultural exchanges that have been put in place to celebrate the cultural diversity of the region as well as inspire youth to partner to creatively and effectively express their views in constructive, progressive ways. We plan to host leading youth dance troupes from Haiti and the USA. The groups will be living and working together with troupes from Badagry to create a new, collaborative work, which will be performed at the festival beach concert.

Conferment Ceremony of Chief Colin Atobajeun as Gbese of Badagry

Keeping in the spirit of the festival being a historical and cultural bridge between Africa and the African descendants in the diaspora. The 2014 festival will be honouring and celebrating Toussaint Louverture whose military genius and political acumen transformed an entire society of slaves into the independent black state of Haiti. The success of the Haitian Revolution shook the institution of slavery throughout the New World.


Badagry Festival 2014, will be an exhilarating 8 days of non-stop music, dance, street parades, rituals, commemorations, theatre and visual arts showcasing the best of Nigeria. Through our building local audiences initiative, the 2014 festival is especially focusing on audiences from the Lagos State area, we welcome you to come and enjoy the beautiful serene beaches and historical landmarks and museums in Badagry.
A special thanks to His Majesty, De Wheno Aholu Menu-Toyi I (OFR,LL.D, D.Litt, JP), The Akran of Badagry Kingdom for the continued support of the Festival.


Chief Colin I. Atobajeun
Gbese of Badagry Kingdom
Chairman 2014 Badagry Festival

Events at Badagry Festival 2014